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I’m not sure I really understood the saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining” until my first year out of college. After going to school for four years, I was definitely hungry for a teaching position. Back then, there just weren’t many openings each summer. My last interview came in late July. I knew that this would probably be my last opportunity to get a job. Since Webb City, where I lived and went to high school, had no elementary openings that summer, I had to broaden my area of job searching, and my interview was in Liberal. The interview went well, and I eagerly awaited their phone call. I received the phone call, but it wasn’t the news I had hoped it would be. I did not get the job. I was devastated. No teaching job. My parents told me there must be a reason; a silver lining. They were right. The next year there was an opening for fourth grade at Carterville Elementary School, where I ended up teaching for twenty-one years. I guess if we looked at all of our disappointments as if there were a silver lining, we would be much happier in our lives. Since then, I have remembered that even difficult times can have a purpose or a silver lining, if we will just be patient and look for it.

This is a writing piece I just shared with some sixth-graders as we were learning about idioms. Students chose an idiom and wrote how it applied to their lives. I wrote one as an example of what they could do.