Monthly Archives: February 2014

Slice of Life Challenge


I did it! After an entire year of trying, I finally convinced one of my teacher friends to join me in the Slice of Life Challenge. I’ve read about it, envied those participating, feared I’d never be able to think of a month’s worth of stories to commit to paper (or blog), longed for a writing life, and, now, persevered! Will I be up to the challenge? Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. There is the added pressure to complete the challenge, since not only is a fellow teacher signing on, her entire class is taking the challenge, as well. Of course, I have to come through. What would it look like if I convinced an entire classroom of writers to write for thirty-one straight days, and I fizzled out after only a few?

Are you up for the challenge of writing a blog for every single day in the month of March? Will you miss out on the sense of accomplishment you feel after typing the final word on March 31st? What about the look of respect you’ll receive from your colleagues when you mention you have a blog; let alone posting something every single day???

Check out for all the rules, prizes (yes!), and the prestige of being up to the challenge!