Opposites Attract


My parents both just turned 70 years old. While preparing their birthday party and writing in their journals “70 Reasons We Love You” along with my brother and nieces, I was constantly reflecting about how special they are and what great parents they were to us. They’ve been married for nearly 50 years, yet they are opposites:

Mom chatters,

Dad is quiet.

Mom is a home-body,

Dad loves to travel.

Mom knows everyone,

Dad is a loner.

How could they coexist for so long and be so happy with someone so different? Maybe I was looking at it incorrectly.

Mom chatters,

Dad is a great listener.

Dad is quiet and thoughtful,

Mom relies on his wisdom.

Mom doesn’t know a stranger,

Dad enjoys the friendships he’s made from Mom’s get-togethers.

Mom makes a beautiful, clean home,

Dad finds peace and rest there.

Dad takes Mom on trips,

Mom is surprised by the fun she has and the new things she experiences.

Could we coexist with our family, spouses, coworkers, team members in a lovely way if we saw how they complemented us, rather than seeing their differences?



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  1. This is looking for the positive! I, too, married my opposite. We must complement each other, as it’s lasted almost 30 years. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

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