Here are 10 reasons I love my dog, Sophie.

1.  Sophie is a great listener. I visit often with her. The way she tilts her head slightly and her ears perk up make me smile. This happens mostly when I say, “carrots”, “cookie”, or “hungry”. I try to use at least one of those words in each sentence, so I know she’s paying attention.

2.  She keeps my secrets. As Jerry Seinfeld used to say, “They are in the vault.” 

3.  She loves me most. And what person wouldn’t like a friend who thinks they are IT?! Why wouldn’t she think I was the best thing since canned carrots? I think that means she has great taste and is…(this leads me to #4)

4.  …extremely smart (she takes after her mother on this one). She can tell me she’s hungry, has to use the restroom, needs water or wants me to get off the phone to get her a cookie. There is a game for dogs where they move little doors to find their cookies. Sophie is an ace! Not only that, she can twirl like a ballerina when you hold something tasty above her (see #5). 

5.  She loves pancakes, bacon and ice cream as much as I do. Enough said.

6.  Sophie loves to have fun, and she doesn’t need a high dollar tech device to do it. She just needs a couple of inexpensive items. Her favorite is a rubber, squeaky basketball about the size of a golf ball (I’ve tried to remove the squeaky thing more than once). Squeaking, tossing, fetching, you name it. She’ll do it. The strangest is a baby blanket I made for her when she was a puppy. Like a toddler, she drags it around with her, often shaking it, like she’s trying to kill it. 

7.  Sophie is a thoughtful granddog. I drop her off each morning at my parents’ house for a day of doggy daycare. I know. Don’t say it. Despite what you may think of me as a mother, I think it’s been a valuable experience for my parents. When I see my dad get down on the floor and play with Sophie, it makes me happy. They buy her special treats and toys, take naps with her, and sit on the porch with her to soak in the warm rays of the sun. If my parents are in separate rooms, she thoughtfully moves from room to room to make sure everyone is okay.

8.  No matter when I come home, Sophie is glad to see me. Who else wags their tail, jumps really high, and barks when I enter the room??? Not even my husband does that. A greeting like that can make a person’s day. It always does mine.

9.  Sophie likes to cuddle. Often while I’m watching TV or reading a book, Sophie will jump up and sit right by me, keeping me warm. At night, she lays by my feet.

10.  Sophie is my baby. I don’t have human children of my own, but that’s okay. Sophie fits the bill. I’ve fed her, cleaned up her messes, bathed her, and hugged her; kinda like a real child. As her mother, I’ve made sure she has the cutest sweaters and coats. I look after her, and she looks after me.


Sophie’s Top Ten


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  1. I enjoyed your Top Ten mentions about your dog. I can tell that you adore her! Your last lines, “I look after her and she looks after me” are the perfect summary. She needs you and you need her. Animals hold a special place in my heart. My husband is a veterinarian and takes care of dogs and cats. I love to meet their owners, many of whom hold their pets as you do in a place of honor!

  2. I’m craving a picture here…the words definitely helped with the visual, though–you have woven in your reasons with snippets of description. BTW, I used to leave my dog at my parents’ house as well and we have many good memories of Sydney with them.

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