As a slicer would do, I mentally went through my day to find my post. Anna Gratz Cockerille talked to students in her blog today about “turning points”. I didn’t get any further than my morning coffee. It provides the first of my day.

Once the alarm goes off and my husband and I pray together to start the day, he (sweet husband that he is) goes in and makes my coffee for me. From the sound of the water filling the carafe, to the gurgle of the water filling the coffee machine, to the hum of the grinder crushing the coffee beans, I am soothed by the familiar routine. And the aroma. The crushing of moist coffee beans produces the most heavenly fragrance. After the coffee pot is turned on, the percolating sound is comforting and homey. Finally, the hot dark liquid fills my cup and the steam warms my face. My first sip. Ahhh. An explosion of flavor hits my tongue. I feel the warmth going through my body, transforming me from a slow-moving sleepwalker to a woman with purpose.  My first turning point. I’m ready to start my day.


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