Waiting on Wendy


Today a group of teachers worked with me on curriculum. As we finished up with lunch, we joked that the theme for our day was “Waiting on Wendy”. It was so catchy, it immediately became blog fodder.

Wendy is a wonderful, creative member of our core team (who graciously gave her permission to be the subject of today’s blog). The team had gathered in my office, all except Wendy. We waited a few minutes, then began without her, as all industrious teams would do. Suddenly, she burst into the room, arms loaded with materials, and announced that her substitute had not yet arrived. Promising to come back as soon as her students were supervised, she disappeared as quickly as she had arrived. Sometime later, her head popped in. Her sub had arrived, but the network was down. Her well-prepared plans with the iPads would not work. She would be back when a solution was found.

Our work wasn’t the same without Wendy. Just as our focus was waning, our treasured team member was with us again, the problems of the morning solved. We began our work anew, each member busy with their assignment. Wendy had to run and make a copy. Off to the office she went…, and went…, and went. Unfortunately, there was quite a line for copies this morning. We waited on Wendy.

By this time, our stomachs were growling and our brains needed nourishment. On core team days, we are allowed to eat out, which is a wonderful treat. Enjoying our lunch and conversation, time passed quickly. We all lined up at the counter to pay for our lunches. Finished, we looked around. Where was Wendy? We waited on Wendy. Spotting someone she knew, she was happily visiting. We love Wendy, but we headed out to the car. Sometimes, we just can’t wait on Wendy.


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  1. Wendy was having a bit of a whirlwind day. It is great that you can joke with each other. It shows what a positive relationship your group has. You are very fortunate.

  2. Love this! Clearly, Wendy is an essential team member!! This line is a classic school scenario – “Suddenly, she burst into the room, arms loaded with materials, and announced that her substitute had not yet arrived.”

  3. Sounds like Wendy had a rough day. Clearly she’s got a good sense of humor seeing as she was willing to let you use her as the topic for your sol. (BTW: I love the ring “Waiting on Wendy” has to it!)

  4. LOL! I wish I could meet Wendy! Even though she had to improvise, improvise, improvise she did it all with a smile and a willingness to collaborate. I know lots of people who could learn a thing or two by waiting on Wendy.

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