There’s nothing like a weekend away to energize and wash away stress. My husband and I were able to spend the weekend in KC, just the two of us. Some of the experiences we enjoyed…

-Sleeping in with no place to be at any certain time

-Shopping and finding bargains for both of us

-Buying (and sniffing) homemade herbs and spices at one of our favorite shops

-Eating at Cupini’s, which means homemade sauce, pasta, mozzarella, and the tastiest balsamic vinaigrette I’ve ever had. My husband and I put this cozy restaurant on our list to visit after seeing it on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”.

-Watching my husband do NASCAR moves in the traffic

-Experiencing dinner WITH a movie at Alamo Drafthouse – What fun!

-Walking in downtown KC with the hustle and bustle of the city

-Entering Constantino’s, a wonderfully vast grocery market in the middle of downtown KC, and seeing an Elvis impersonator at work

-Eating a noisy and leisurely breakfast at Succotash, another triple D recommendation

A weekend we savored, planning new experiences, and having no plan at all.


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