Tired, but happy, my husband and I returned from our weekend trip. After bringing in all our bags and putting everything away, we realized we were hungry. Quickly, we ran out and picked up some burgers and fries. As we were pulling back into our driveway, we noticed a large dog without a collar sniffing around our yard. My husband suggested I wait in the car while he unlocked the door, since we weren’t sure how the dog would react to the smell of the fast food I held in the bags. The large dog seemed friendly and happily followed my husband to the front door. Watching out the window, I noticed the stray jump back in fear and start tearing across our yard. Trailing behind, was a much smaller dog, close on his heels. My dog. My dog chasing another dog three times her size. She must have been waiting for the door to open, because as soon as it opened, she was gone. I panicked and jumped out of the car, sprinting after Sophie. What a funny little parade; a large gray dog silently racing across the yards in our block, followed by a small gray dog barking noisily, followed by a woman carrying a purse and two bags of fast food, screaming at the smaller dog. Thankfully, the dog returned to what must have been his yard, veering around the side of the house. Sophie seemed to feel that was enough of the chasing, stopped and went to the bathroom before heading back toward me. As I carried Sophie back to the house, with my purse and the hamburgers, I was thankful that big, quiet dogs are often afraid of small noisy ones.


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