All That We Do


While in the gym today, I thought about all the things I needed to do. As women, our work is never done. Cooking, cleaning, full-time job, soccer games, making a home, keeping up with technology, spending time with our husbands, growing in our relationship with God, and, of course, time for ourselves and our pursuits.

How do we do it all? With joy, energy, rest, planning, thoughtfulness, and a bubble bath sprinkled in here and there.

I think there is something else that pushes us to continue; to keep pursuing.

The fruits of our hard work.

When a family takes second helpings at dinner.

When a husband says you look beautiful.

When a teenager says, “Thank you for coming to my soccer game.”

When a reluctant writer falls in love with writing.

When a teacher uses a strategy they learned from you.

When you forgive someone for a wrong.

When a friend compliments you on your home.

When a tweet is favorited.

Those fruits tell us that our hard work is worth it. When we notice the small victories we all have each day, we know that what we do matters. 


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  1. Yes — your list is a wonderful representation of how we know the things we do, sometimes through gritted teeth, matter. Thank you for the perspective today…I admit, mine is a little absent. Your post makes me want to reexamine my perspective as well as think about what I do to brighten others’ outlooks…

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