Hawaii Dreams


“Hawaii Life” isn’t on tonight. I’m bummed. Every Sunday evening, my husband (Rocky), my step-daughter (Anissa), and I sit down to watch this extraordinary show about people who leave their mundane lives on the mainland to live in Hawaii. All of them have dreamt of doing it for years. Somehow they are able to find the home of their dreams on the island of their dreams and begin the life of their dreams.

I’ve actually been to Hawaii five times. Rocky and I honeymooned there. Needless to say, I love the place. It’s absolutely beautiful. The ocean water is crystal clear with a myriad of colorful fish floating along with the current. You can feel the stress leave your body as you glimpse the sunlight on the water, feel the breeze that moves the coconut trees, and hear the rhythm of the waves. I have many fond memories of my trips there. I vacationed there with friends, my niece (for her graduation gift), and my husband. Every now and then I play the movies in my head of surfing lessons, hiking, snorkeling, sunning, swimming with sharks, munching malasadas, and parasailing.

But could I pack up and move there? Would my life become a virtual vacation? That doesn’t sound so bad. Rocky, Anissa and I talk about it every Sunday night. Realistically, it’s 3,905 miles from where I live. What about seeing my family ever again? Is that why some people move to Hawaii? So they don’t have to see their families again? I’d have to pay for my hair stylist to come out once a month. Honestly, I don’t think anyone else could deal with my hair, especially in that humidity. I wonder if sun and 80 degrees would become tiresome. Wouldn’t that be a shame? Where would I go for vacation…Alaska? Ugh!

Well, maybe for now, I’ll live here and vacation in Hawaii. I’d hate for anything to ruin my heavenly visions of the island paradise I love. Maybe someday… 


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  1. Ahhh – thank you for a lovely mental vacation to Hawai’i! I have never been there. I’ve been interested in the beautiful beaches and volcanic sand!

  2. Why have I never heard of this show? I love Hawaii. Been there twice with my husband and am currently saving for a return trip with my husband and kids. I would move in a heartbeat, but my husband will never move from Ohio. He likes the winter and change of seasons too much.

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