Slicer Sentiments Part Two


Just today, I learned something new…

 6. Commenting. I have been happily commenting on posts from wordpress and blogspot. I went back to a post for a second time yesterday and noticed my comment was absent. I checked with a fellow slicer whose posts I have been commenting on regularly to see if she had been receiving my comments. She had not. I was unaware (since I’m over 40 and apparently a digital illiterate) that I needed to sign in to blogger. Comments from “unknowns” are not posted. That means that all those posts on blogspot that I have commented on throughout the month have received nothing from me, including wonderful posts written by a classroom of students.

 I sincerely apologize. I promise I am not a slacker. I sincerely hope that the waves of embarrassment and regret soon subside. Until then, I’ll comment with abandon.


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