Slicing Sentiments


I am a new slicer. I’ve observed from the sidelines for a couple of years, but didn’t join in the fun until this year, when I convinced a few people to join me (finally)!

 I’ve learned much about myself and about writing.

 1.         Audience. Reading comments on my writing made all the difference. After all, we write for an audience. As adults, we sometimes don’t have much of one for our musings. What fun it is to read how we inspired someone, made someone laugh, or kindled the response of a kindred spirit.

 2.         I can do it. Much was made about writing topics for 31 days. With the exception of a couple of days, that really wasn’t a problem. There are two keys:  ordinary is writing fodder. What a valuable lesson to pass on to our students. The chronic writer’s block could be wiped out if we instilled this idea into the brains of our students. The second key:  wait for it. Some days, I didn’t have a blog until the evening, when something caught my eye or my attention. Those were often my most fun posts. Don’t be afraid to patiently listen for the inspiration for your writing.

 3.         Learn from others. Reading and commenting on the writing of others opened a gift of inspiration. “I hadn’t thought of writing about that!” often came forth from my lips as I read the posts. Other writers inspire us.

 4.         Reread, rewrite. I’ve looked back with pride on the now 26 posts I have composed. In rereading them, I found ways I could improve them, tweak them, or change them. I think this is one of the strategies I find most missing in our student writing time. The act of going back, rereading, and making it better is a valuable use of our writer’s workshop. There is something that takes place when we leave a piece for a bit, then return, taste of it again, and add a little bit more salt.

 5.         A calling.  In this experiment with blogging, I’ve found a new purpose. I plan to begin a new blog. I hope to connect with others, discuss, and share as I pen my thoughts about scriptures and my relationship with God.

 The Slice of Life challenge has been empowering. A door has been opened that I kept closed because of fear of the unknown. I can’t wait to explore what’s inside.


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  1. Great list of lessons learned! This is my second year and I am still astonished with how much I’ve learned. I’m glad you decided to leave the sidelines and join in this year.

  2. Such important lessons! This is my 3rd year, and every year I learn those lessons more and more deeply! I hope your classroom is transformed by these lessons just as mine has been!

  3. My sentiments exactly. I’m also a newbie and found so much happiness when I realized that I was beginning to think with my writing in mind many times a day.

  4. You made a great list of things you’ve learned. I feel like you named them perfectly, and that I’ve learned them too. It’s hard to believe it’s almost over! I’m so glad we have Tuesdays to continue. 🙂

  5. Wow, 26 posts, isn’t that amazing? I agree with so many of the things you mentioned you have learnt. It so great to still be reading everyones work. I am going to miss looking for inspiring writing everyday. Let us know about your new blog. 🙂

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