Spring is Coming


Commenting first on blogs today, I noticed a theme…SPRING! The temptation to chime in is overwhelming, even at the risk of repeating someone I haven’t read.

I, too, am anxious to welcome the arrival of spring. I must admit I’m waiting impatiently, moving from window to window, trying to catch of a glimpse of it, kind of like waiting for family to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner.

I couldn’t wait any longer…I bought the paint for the front door. I’ve measured for curtains to hang on the front porch.

To let in the warmer air, I opened a bedroom window to rustle the curtains.

Yesterday, I wore a skirt and ditched the tights.

I bought some steaks at the grocery store this weekend in anticipation of the warmer weather bringing the heavenly aroma of grilled food coming from the deck.

My dog Sophie is spending a little more time outdoors sniffing the air. She can smell it, too.

Spring is coming.


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  1. I left my winter coat in the car when I ran to the store today! Haven’t been able to do that in a long time. I think I can soon see green grass again.

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