For the Love of Books


My friend sent me this link entitled, “23 Struggles Only Book Nerds Will Understand”.

I loved it. I identified with it. Books.

Does anyone remember Grace Livingston Hill? I remember reading her books many years ago. Her descriptions of the story settings were wonderful. Old cozy homes with books everywhere. I could smell it! Even then, I wanted a home just like that.

With a book, you can lose yourself in Italy, where you are a woman who just purchased an Italian villa in Tuscany. With hard work, and an Italian handyman, you bring the villa back to life, cook pasta that melts in your mouth, and submerge yourself in a life very far from where you live.

With a book, you can delve into a mystery that keeps you guessing until the end, which you wish didn’t come quite so quickly.

With a book, you can kindle the excitement of teaching children. For $25.95 you can receive the knowledgeable advice of someone at the top of her field. You can run into your classroom the next morning, and create exciting lessons that your students will never forget.

With a book, you can chuckle, sob, be surprised, feel the tingle of fear, predict the future, wonder, or learn…all in the quietness of your living room.

Sometimes I sit and stare at my treasures and anticipate what I’ll read next.



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  1. As book nerds we do lose ourselves in our books. I like how you brought in the professional books too… so much potential to grow from reading the work of others at the top of our field. Happy reading!

  2. Love that Buzzfeed post, thanks for sharing that link, I posted it in my book club group. I am about to finish a book and I really really don’t want to! I don’t know what I will read next!

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