Our Home


This evening, I read a post about someone who had lived in the same house for 28 years. That is a foreign concept for most of us. My husband and I moved into our current house just this past November. We have been married nearly three years, and this is the first house we have purchased together.

Our goal for buying this house was to down-size and to have a house that belonged to us as a couple. For two months after closing, we renovated. The entryway had three layers of wallpaper, which we took down, adding paint and wainscoting. We pulled carpet from the living room and dining room and replaced it with new flooring. All three bedrooms were painted and re-carpeted. The kitchen was our biggest project. We put in the beautiful tile flooring ourselves. I repainted the cabinets and updated the hardware. New countertops and appliances rounded out the room.

During spring break, I will paint our front door and jazz up the front porch. I am excited about the memories we will create here. Since most of the work was done with our hands, the colors and designs chosen by us, we have “bonded” with our home. We know every nook and cranny. There is pride in the hard work and soul put into every room. The look of it reflects our personalities and preferences. We can see ourselves here. It is our home.


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  1. Sounds like you’ve enjoyed this process of renovating! We just sold our first home in November after living there for 10 years. I wrote about it recently and I think I wrote a little bit about it during the summer too, reflecting on the memories we’d made there. I do like the idea of the home-improvement as bonding though. It’s true. It’s like breaking in a baseball glove, a new hat, a home. It eventually molds to you and fits you. I wish you the best of luck and many years of happy memories in your home!

  2. I loved reading your post. I’ve been married now for 26 years, 3 apts, and 3 homes and all involved LOTS of renovations! My husband is an architect and very handi and I am just supportive, mostly doing the cleanup behind him. NOW, we decided to really make a new home by knocking down our home and having a new one built. For many reasons, it has taken longer than we expected and we still aren’t living in it yet. But your post reminds me of how much bonding has occurred and how the house design is exactly what WE want to live in! Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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