What is it about kids and tents? I remember making them with my brother between the four dining room chairs. The seats would be facing outward, and we would pile heavy items on the sheet so it wouldn’t sag in the middle. What fun we had! Our favorite books, stuffed animals and snacks would all be piled inside.

Today, I relived the past. My sweet little great niece and I created a tent in my living room.


Inside, my niece had a tea party with Pongo (a stuffed Dalmatian)  and Sophie (my real dog). The day was cloudy, so she found and lit three battery-powered candles, creating a soft glow. Two pillows made the space comfy while my niece watched the Disney Channel, singing along with the cartoons. Surprisingly, there was plenty of room for one little girl, two dogs, and a plethora of toys and books. Hours of fun were had, without a single high-tech gadget!


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  1. I love this little slice of simple fun. Tents are the best! They foster new spaces and imagination. They foster quiet and adventures. I can picture piles of snacks. It sounds lovely.

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