New Life


At exactly 1:14 p.m. my great nephew was born today. Seven pounds and four ounces of pure perfection. As I was holding him in the hospital room, listening to him cooing and watching in fascination as his eyes fluttered open for an instance, my mind wandered around to the image of a clean slate. His life before him, he would learn to talk, eat fruit and veggies, play a sport, read books, form opinions, and listen to his parents, becoming a person. At that moment, the possibilities are endless. What will he become? What will his personality be? Will he be creative and a leader like his mother? Or will he be a musician and a computer geek like his dad? Will he become something different all together, with flecks of both parents visible in the fabric of his life?

What a great and wonderful responsibility his parents and family have to instill in him wonder and curiosity, respect for authority and the truth, love for others and trust in God. A new life to teach, protect, provide for and learn from.

New life is a wonderful miracle. It is new hope. It is beautiful and mysterious. It is unpredictable and complex. New life is a gift.


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  1. Oh, congratulations! I love the image of a clean slate. Holding newborn babies always amazes me – to think they didn’t exist in this world last week, and then here they are! I hope you have many, many more moments to hold him and welcome him into this world.

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