Princess Diary


Once upon a time, there was a dog. A princess, really. What a beautiful princess dog she was! Her fur was gray and creamy. One could see into her soul through her dark, round eyes. The tail of this fine creature possessed the finest curve and often quivered with happiness.

This dog princess possessed great wisdom. Many were attracted to her expressive ears. Interesting stories were told to the dog princess when her ears were lifted, but she never uttered a word of their confidences.

Once a month, on this day, her groomers attended to her. Amidst the spraying water, yapping of lesser dogs, and flying hair, she remained calm, only snarling slightly when a silly groomer attempted some unpleasantness. Younger pups would bound up to greet her, yet in her soft growl, she encouraged them to act with dignity. Dainty morsels awaited her in her carriage as the dog princess was returned to her castle.


Upon her arrival, she immediately took her throne, surveying all that was hers. Choosing one of the finest rugs in the kingdom, she rested from the efforts to make her even more ravishing. The life of a dog princess may be tiresome at times, but these things must be done.


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  1. I have a cat that thinks he is royalty and doesn’t hesitate to let anyone know it.
    Princess, though, looks the part and definitely deserves the title. Beautiful picture and dog.

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