Ode to Spring Break


The last day of spring break

I am sorry to say.

I’d almost give anything

For one extra day.

Why did you pass me

In such a  flurry?

Early risings, rushed mornings

I’m not in a hurry.

I still have some napping

And errands to run.

Spring break can’t be over

I’m really not done.

Okay, yes I get it.

Time cannot be stopped.

Spring break is soon over

I shouldn’t be shocked.

This sadness I’m feeling

Repeats every year.

There’s one consolation:

Summer is near.


3 responses »

  1. I ran into several fellow teachers yesterday at the movies. We all were saying the same thing–it cannot be this close to being over already!!! Here’s hoping the remainder of your school year is fabulous!

  2. It’s hard to believe spring break is almost over seeing as “spring” doesn’t begin until tonight. (I put spring in quotes because it’s snowing outside the window of my home office here in PA.)

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