Something Old, Something New


I love making something old something new. With a fresh coat of paint and some new pillows, something old was made something new. Rather than spending a ton of money buying new iron porch furniture, I spent $15 on paint and made the old chairs and table fit what we have now. They are fresh and interesting.


It’s wonderful bliss to change an entire room by rearranging furniture or putting up new curtains. Maybe, as we head back to our classrooms or offices, we can change something old to make it new. What if we moved the furniture in our classrooms or offices? How about teaching an old lesson in a new way? Could we approach a book study through a different avenue? What interest could we add to a lesson by the use of technology or co-teaching with another educator? How could we change the way students show us what they have learned?

May your Monday be full of the excitement that comes with something new.


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  1. Your patio furniture looks so bright and cheery. Good idea to repaint it! I have a wooden chair that I’ve talked about painting for two years. Maybe this will be the year. I hope it looks as good as yours do!

  2. My young students were starting to run in the classroom. I moved furniture and blocked off the favored route. Several of my kids were quite vocal about not liking the new arrangement.

  3. I think that your advice about making something old into something new is perfect, especially for this time of the year. I’m going to look around my classroom tomorrow morning to see what I can change for the better! Thank you for sharing!

  4. A fresh coat of paint breathes new life into everything! I love the colors you chose. I also enjoy “shopping” around my house to pull items from another area and re-design an entire room! So fun 🙂 I enjoyed reading about your changes and you’ve planted a seed for me to make a change at school 😉

  5. I agree! Rejuvenating a space makes a world of difference and it’s fun too! I like the parallel you drew to book studies and lesson creation…you’ve got me thinking!

  6. I agree! A new space that is freshly cleaned, moving furniture around…just finding a different way to approach something will give it a whole new look. Thanks for this inspiring post!

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