The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


The Good – Recently a teacher had asked me for ideas for her RtI group. Since her group would be above grade level, she wanted to challenge these students while encouraging them to love reading. I had heard Chris Lehman recently speak about book clubs for kids. When I met with her, I shared some of those ideas, as well as, some book suggestions. This morning, I took a set of the books for her students to use. As I quietly placed the books by her desk, I heard her preparing the students to read and record their thinking, using some of the ideas I had suggested. That meant a great deal to me, as I sometimes wonder, as an instructional coach, what kind of impact I really have. By sharing these ideas with another educator, I had impacted 50 students, which was about half what I would have impacted as a classroom teacher. I greatly miss having a classroom of my own, but was thankful that I could see that I was making a difference.

The Bad – Before school each day, I drop of my dog at my parents’ house. They are basically doggy daycare, and have been since I got Sophie. What I found this morning as I brought Sophie inside was my mom crying because she is losing her hair due to chemotherapy. I hated the helpless feeling that came over me, the frustration because I couldn’t fix it. Even though I told her she was beautiful, I knew that inside she doubted that. I love her so much, and wish with a deep ache in my soul that I could banish all the terrible effects of the chemo she must have.

The Ugly – My feet. In sandals. I may have rushed things a bit, but it was warm. Or there was the promise of warmth in the afternoon. After all, it is officially Spring. Today was the first day I brought out the sandals…and my feet need some sun! Their whiteness was a little startling next to my gray slacks. Well, there had to be a first time and today was it.


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