Writing Fair


To correlate with our SOL writing project, our school (fifth and sixth grades) will host a Writing Fair. Our theme is Star Wars (Star Words) and May the Pen Be With You! We are encouraging all teachers to submit one piece of writing for each student to hang on the walls. In addition, we have asked other teachers, administrators, and community members to compose writing pieces for the fair. Our art teacher will display pop art that students have created this semester.

A few Yoda quotes have been slightly changed to fit our writing theme and will be displayed in each of our four halls:

“Powerful you have become, the author I sense in you.”

“Feel the force of your words.”

“Use your feelings, students, and find the words you will.”

“Strong are our words! Mind what you have learned. Save you it can.”

Student writing will be displayed with black construction paper backing that will be decorated by art students to fit with our theme.

The night of the writing fair, teachers, parents and students will be invited to attend an hour of writing heaven. Attendees will receive sticky notes so that they can comment on the writing that will line the halls of our school. We will serve “star” cookies and play Star Wars music.

Our hope or goal is to make writing the “rock star” of the evening. The words of our students get far too little attention, so by having the Writing Fair, we hope to shine a spotlight on the creation of our authors.


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  1. Oh WOW! This sounds like such fun! I think even my boys who don’t enjoy writing would be excited about attending this writing fair. I love the Yoda sayings. Very fun! I hope the evening goes off without a hitch

  2. This proposed celebration of writing fills me with optimism. Love the theme and how you have modified to suit the purpose. Best wishes in every sense for this most worthwhile endeavor in raising the writing profile within your school community

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