I Am Blessed


Each morning my eyes behold the beautiful sunrise.

I am blessed.

No matter what, I always have Someone on whom I can depend.

I am blessed.

Each day my needs are supplied.

I am blessed.

A group of educators who are excited about writing surrounds me.

I am blessed.

My mind is nourished with new knowledge every day.

I am blessed.

Creativity, bravery, and innovation are nurtured where I work.

I am blessed.

Honesty, kindness, and integrity are important in my life.

I am blessed.

My best friend is my husband.

I am blessed.

I am shown appreciation for my hard work, uniqueness, and viewpoint.

I am blessed.

My sleep is peaceful.

I am blessed.

Many of my dreams have come true.

I am blessed.


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  1. I love your last line…”Many of my dreams have come true.” So poignant. I think it is a blessing to have dreams realized, but also to have the hope that comes with having dreams still in the future yet unfulfilled! I love anticipation. Beautiful poem, Kris!

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