I just returned from a Bible study I only joined last week. The title of our study is Breathe. God created the Sabbath for us to rest. God ordained one whole day of the week as a respite from work. Since we are His creation, He must understand how vital it is for us. How much we women need to hear that!

How many of us feel guilty if we would sit down to do nothing? Which of us checks the schedules of others to see if they have less white space than we do (okay, that would be me). Why do we feel the need to stand around at work on Monday and listen for who had the most overloaded weekend? When did it become a crime to stay home and play a game, read a novel, or put a jigsaw puzzle together?

We. Need. To. Breathe.

My best ideas come in the quiet. I can hear God speak to me in the stillness. I remember what is really important in the hushed peacefulness. I ponder the mysteries of life in the silence.

Here’s hoping you have time to breathe this week!



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  1. What a great reminder! I love what you said about finding your best ideas and God’s voice in the stillness. I find that myself in my daily walks outside–I love the peace, the quiet, and the listening I can do. But I have to remind myself of that all the time! In the busy noise of life, I have to remember to go out the door, take the walk and breathe! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Good reminders! I have to say that as stressed as I always am, I do actually find time, most days to sit and relax for at least a little while, And it makes all the difference. On the days that I am go go going until I get to sleep, I feel so much more stressed and anxious. So I really need that down time.

  3. Love this slice. Love your structure in the paragraph: “My best ideas come in the quiet,” followed by “I can hear…I remember…I ponder.” Thanks for the reminder to breathe this week. Always a blessing to take those deep breaths and slow down to hear, remember, and ponder.

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