Joys of Co-Teaching


This week, I’ve had the joy of co-teaching in two different classrooms. Each experience was in a different grade, different subject, working on a different problem area of learning for students. Yet, they both brought delight.

Both teachers and I share what I would simply call the “love of teaching”. The three of us adored pouring over pretests to see what students needed from us. Working through each step of a complex process, such as summarizing or determining the main idea, was like an exciting adventure. Thinking of various ways to teach the same process because students didn’t get it the first time stretched us and really made the creative juices flow.

Despite the plentiful co-teaching models, both classroom teachers preferred to “wing it”. That brought opportunities for all of us to explore different parts of the lesson, jump in when new thoughts might help students, and provided opportunities to grow and muddle our way through the teaching and learning with the students.

We experienced satisfaction when students began to grasp the main idea or nailed the summary. We felt camaraderie as our parts in the lesson came together and flowed like a symphony. We reveled in the excitement that came when we found something new to add to our lessons.

I couldn’t think of a better way to end the week before Spring Break!


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  1. It’s great when you get to co-teach with people who think like you! Personally, one of the best parts of co-teaching is getting to use the restroom whenever you need to.

  2. I am going into a co-teaching position next year and this is just what I needed to hear. I can only hope to have a symphony like you describe. It is evident that you really enjoy tackling the challenges of a dynamic learning environment! Amazing!

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