That’s Enough of That!


“That’s enough of that!”

This short phrase seems to have become my motto for the year. Instead of one little word, it’s become my one little phrase.

It just came out of my mouth one day during a conversation with a friend. Even though I kept on talking, my brain went back to this phrase, asking myself, “Did I just say what I think I said?” Maybe the filter in my brain has become more porous with age, letting through more than I intend.

Or…maybe I’ve missed teaching in the classroom so much I’ve started to see the people around me as my students. Oh, dear.

I was startled. I could tell the person to whom I was speaking was startled.

True, I was thinking it. I mean, it was enough of that. But did I need to say it out loud?

I’m really not sure. I think some good came from it.

At any rate, this phrase has taken on a life of its own. After telling this story to some friends, it’s become like the word “hangry”. Everyone is using it. At least with me.

“That’s enough of that!”


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