Spring Break


My office is quiet after a LONG meeting. Minutes before the bell rings, I hear snippets of kid conversations as they line up to leave for Spring Break. As the chatter builds, the excitement is palpable. It’s like the few minutes before everyone opens their gifts on Christmas Day. The anticipation. The expectations. The giddy smiles on everyone’s faces.

Spring Break is a time to hit the pause button in a busy school year. Spring is around the corner. State testing looms in the distance. Everyone regroups, rests, and refuels.

Some use the time to catch up on work that needs to be completed. Some travel to see friends or embark on an adventure in a faraway setting. Some find time for much-needed sleep.

I hope to read, enjoy slow mornings, attempt some spring cleaning, and design a few creations out of old things.

The bell rings. It begins.




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  1. We have been on spring break for a week. Ours is two because we have so many international students, and one week off is not sufficient for travel and rest. I love it. It is just what the doctor ordered. I have been lazy, aside from this writing challenge, and I’ve been reading. It’s been awesome. Hope you enjoy the time off and get some good reading done.

  2. Ah yes…it begins here too! I am a bit sad, however, as it seems nearly every teacher I work with is going south! I will be here in the clouds, 30 degrees, with two kids, as my husband works all week! I guess it will a good time to catch up on reading and make a decision about an invitation I received to join a prestigious reading council! Enjoy your break!

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