Good Out of Grief


“Some let grief take them to despair. Some take grief and turn it into something good.”

Tonight, my husband and I listened intently as a married couple told about the aftermath of their son’s death at the young age of 15 1/2. After setting up a trust fund for donations, in lieu of flowers at the funeral, the couple wondered what to do with the money. As divine intervention would have it, in the midst of their anguish, they were invited to visit an orphanage in Vietnam.

Through many amazing consequences, they set up several orphanages in Vietnam, adopted two children, facilitated in several other adoptions, and rescued many children from horrible circumstances.

After reading a newspaper article about a young boy who was a slave in Ghana, they forged ahead and repeated the same unselfishness in Africa.

Needless to say, we were inspired by this family’s choice to turn their darkest hour into something that forever changed the lives of many children. Unafraid to do something, they took steps, one by one, to make a difference.

I wish we all could do that. What a better world it would be!




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  1. What an inspiring post. Love your sentence “Unafraid to do something, they took steps, one by one, to make a difference.” You’re right – we all should take steps to make a difference.

  2. Such a beautiful example. Their son’s death lead to beautiful good and salvation of so many children. Thank you for sharing this important story. I hope someone will write a book about them.

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