Fixer Upper Addict


I’m watching “Fixer Upper”. Is anyone else?

I love this show! Besides just being fun to watch, I get lots of ideas for my house from watching Joanna transform some humble abode each week. I adore her style and the funny banter mixed in between Jo and Chip.

I’ve laughed watching Chip eat a cockroach or try on something funny in an unsuspecting flea market. I’ve cried when cute couples are overwhelmed at the unbelievable transformation, wondering if they are worthy to live in a house that belongs in a magazine.

Nevertheless, I didn’t know I was addicted until I was unable to catch the show three weeks in a row. My husband grew tired of my whining about being too busy to catch it. Several times on the weekend, I staged a coup, capturing the remote to check for reruns. Honestly, I lost my appetite and had a brain freeze when it came to my own projects.

Well, I’m free tonight. Actually, I watched the “Fixer Upper” marathon they show on Tuesdays, before the newest episode this evening. Dishes are in the sink. Cups and wrappers are littering the coffee table. Strangely, I feel so GOOD! Inspired! Shiplap! Before and after! Budgets and roof crises and Chip hilarity!

I’ve cleared my Tuesday evenings so that this doesn’t happen again.


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  1. I love fixer-upper, too! I like how positive and upbeat they are are and how there are always feel-good moments in it. I’m glad you had time to get your fix and get caught up! 🙂

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