Ode to Flea Markets


Today, I spent the morning wandering our local flea market.

Ode to Flea Markets

Flea markets, I adore thee,

Shelves filled with priceless things.

I enter through your open doors.

My heart begins to sing.


Items announce their history,

Stalls filled to the brim,

Chalk paint and repurposing

Weakens my resisting them.


I take my time in wandering

Your ancient perfumed aisles.

Dressers, chests, and handmade pieces

Transcending trendy styles.


Although your many treasures

Offer scratches, stains or flaws,

Flea markets, I adore thee

You fill my heart with awe.


3 responses »

  1. How fun! You make me want to go walk around a flea market! We don’t call them that in LA – more like swap meet I think. My favorite part: the repurposing weakening your resistance.

  2. It’s lovely to write an ode to these treasure hunt festivals. I am such a fan. I’ve been into rummage sale season beginning too… another chance to find items on the cheap that deserve a new re-purpose or appreciation. Great idea for a post.

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