Something Old…


Something old,

Something new,

Something borrowed,

Something blue.

I know this little rhyme usually pertains to what a bride wears at her wedding, but it really describes my day!

Something old…

Yesterday, at my favorite shop, Simply Vintage, I purchased an old hall table. I took it to my dad to shore it up, and today I painted it with white chalk paint. After I sand it a bit, I’m going to put it against the wall in my office and use it for a small workspace for my crafting.

Something new…

I began a new book, A Study in Scarlet. Written by Sir Authur Conan Doyle, it is the first Sherlock Holmes book in the series. My friend, my aunt, and I are reading it together. Love it!! While I’m reading, I imagine the characters from the BBC “Sherlock Holmes” series.

Something borrowed…

Using a book borrowed from my aunt, I’m learning how to crochet. My mom, my niece, my aunt, and I all meet once a week to crochet together on Thursday evenings. The conversation is engaging, and the crocheting is coming along!

Something blue…

Wearing my new blue jeans and cute top from my Stitch Fix box, I met one of my dearest friends for lunch today. We had the “blue plate special”, chatted for an hour and a half, and made plans to meet again in the near future!


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