The four of us, my husband, daughter, mother-in-law, and myself, piled into my car. We were headed to Crystal Bridges, an art museum with nature trails, in Bentonville, Arkansas. Riding contentedly as my husband drove the hour there, it reminded me of many other times the four of us headed to various locations for weekends of soccer. Piled in the car with chairs, coolers, jackets, blankets, snacks, and pillows, we would visit with each other or ride quietly while we read, napped, or my mother-in-law embroidered.

Today was just a day trip to enjoy beautiful art and the peaceful surroundings as we wandered through the trails near the museum. After lunch, we engaged in a bit of shopping, and ended our day with some ice cream to complement the warm sun on our faces.

In my memories and in the reality of today, we bonded, we laughed, and we talked. Whether we were watching soccer or are gazing at art, something is built between us. It’s more than just the connection of family. It’s the kinship of shared experiences and inside jokes and laughter. It draws us together and holds us there.

Today was a good day.


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