Truths, Beauties, Appreciations


I saw this organization on a blog today and would like to try it myself.



-Home is where the heart is. I love my home and work hard to make it look pretty, feel cozy, and invite de-stressing. It’s my family’s safe haven from the world and all it entails.

-Prayer changes things. My husband, my parents, and I watched “War Room” Friday night. How important it is to pray for our families and those we love. God is always faithful to answer our prayers.

-Our work is important. What we do in life, eight hours a day, makes a difference. Whether we are educators, bankers, doctors, mechanics, or florists, we can change a day or a life.


-Flowers bring beauty for the soul. Whether they are located in a vase or a garden, they bring color and texture to our world. They cost very little, but make a big difference.

-The love between a husband and wife is beautiful. Two people who know almost everything about each other, yet still love each other. A best friend, a constant companion, and sweet encourager, a partner for life. There is nothing in life quite like this union between two people.

-Classical music – intricate, beautiful, and peaceful.


-My husband. He just washed all the dishes and took out the trash, without being asked. Plus, he’s really cute!

-My parents. Besides my husband, they are the first I call when I have a question or need a prayer. Each day, they babysit my dog while I am at work. Diligently, they taught me how to live life, and daily provide encouragement for me.

-My co-workers. This writing challenge is more enjoyable, because they are taking part. I appreciate how they use my services as an instructional coach. Besides being co-workers, they are great listeners and are always good for a laugh!


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  1. Aw. . . this was lovely and made my heart grow three sizes bigger. I sense the love you have for your family, work, co-workers and especially your husband. And, I’m adding the way your organized this post in my bag of “structure” tools. 🙂

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