I am a woman. A woman who loves shoes. And today, my day was brighter because of the sandals I wore to school. It’s silly, I know, but true.


I’ve been watching the weather forecast for several days to choose the perfect day to unveil my new sandals. After watching last evening’s forecast, I knew today was the day.

Last night, I painted my toenails and put lotion on my winter-dried feet. I spent 20 minutes choosing my outfit so that it would bring out the colors in my floral footwear. I made a mental note to purchase a bright pink shirt for the next time I’d wear them.

This morning, my feet were freezing, but that’s a small price to pay to look like a million bucks…at least where my feet are concerned.

I was rewarded with several compliments and a bright feeling of confidence.

Tomorrow, I will wear something warmer and less brightly colored. And my feet will probably thank me. And my vanity will hopefully be back to normal.

But today, my beautifully clad feet were like a garden in spring.


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  1. I’m not a shoe person but your slice made me smile. At the end of a long winter, is there anything nicer than putting on a painting your toenails and putting on a new pair of sandals? I love that you were happily freezing. Fun slice!

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