Pleasant Surprise



This morning, I had the pleasantest of surprises! My friend and colleague had written a sweet piece about me, which was in our local newspaper. It touched my heart and made my day.

This occurrence was another reminder about the power of our words. Whether we are speaking in person or sharing in written form, our words carry weight. The Bible even talks about our tongues. God’s wisdom tells us that even though our tongues are a very small part of our bodies, what we speak can direct our course, much like a tiny rudder directs a ship. As educators, which of us can really know the power of what we will say today to students, colleagues, or administrators? As humans, what course do our words set for our children, spouses or families? Hopefully, today, our words will encourage, uplift, or inspire!

So, back to the morning’s unforeseen gift. On the surface, the piece is small and readership is limited. That doesn’t matter. That doesn’t diminish the power of those words. My day has been steered toward a brighter place. And, in return, I hope to do the same for someone else.


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  1. Congratulations. There truly is the power of life and death in our words… thanks you for reminding me to speak words of Life today.

  2. “Whether we are speaking in person or sharing in written form, our words carry weight” We writers know, in spite of the old adage regarding sticks and stones, in the right hands – from the right lips, words can heal, and they can hurt. Congratulations on the wonderful words written for you.

  3. Congratulations, coach!! Kind words for a very deserving person. I know for a fact you passed on encouraging words to someone else today through the iMAD award!

  4. So well deserved, Kris! You are an amazing educator and friend. I consider myself blessed to work with you each day!

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