Chicken Noodle Soup


Is there anything better than a steaming hot bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup on a cloudy, rainy day? What better to greet you at the door than the homey aroma of bubbly soup in the crockpot. Sitting down at the table for dinner,  with a steaming spoonful in your hand, you’re hit with deja vu as you remember a time in your childhood when you ate the exact same meal. The warm buttery chicken broth, with a hint of garlic, running smoothly down your throat, like warm memories, heating you from the inside out. Chewing on tender chicken and springy noodles sends comforting flavor through your mouth. To the right of your bowl, there is a plate holding a grilled cheese sandwich, hot and buttery. And you wonder…does life get any better than this?


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  1. One recipe I don’t have a a good chicken noodle soup! But I do have a great place to pick up a quart when I am down or my family is sick. There is nothing better!

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