Eating Habits


I am sitting at my desk eating lunch, which consists of a ham and cheese slider on a Hawaiian roll, veggie straws, a bottle of grape juice, and grapefruit slices. It popped into my head that it was a bit of a strange combination. I fluctuate between healthy and not so healthy in my eating habits. I mean, veggie straws may be the Nicorette Gum for the chip world. Hawaiian rolls, well, enough said. I’ve sort of given up soda, but sometimes I just have to have a Mr. Pibb after a hard day. Hummus is a tasty substitute for Hiland’s French onion dip, but if it comes right down to it, I’d have to take the onion dip. And cheese. Life without cheese would be…bad.

Maybe it’s genetic. My great aunt had a cabinet full of boxes of Little Debbies, even though she lived alone. Lots of them. We used to call my dad the cookie monster for obvious reasons. On my mom’s side, I had a great aunt who would bake my great uncle a cherry pie every single day. These were little old people. Wouldn’t it take a couple of slices at each meal to finish an entire pie in a single day? I guess it wasn’t too bad for them; they both lived to be in their 90’s. Since the genes are stacked against me, I take a moderate view, I guess. Most of the time. I only have sodas once or twice a week. Unless it’s a difficult week… or some sort of holiday…or I drive by a Sonic. I eat hummus and carrots and fruit for lunch. I try to use fresh food and cook at home as much as possible. But every once in a while, I’ll squeeze in an oatmeal pie when no one is looking…


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  1. Some aspects of diet are genetic, but studies show that you crave what you eat. This is because the food that enters your stomach get’s broken down by enzymes and acid, right? But the food leaves behind it’s own bacteria each time you eat something. Your brain craves whatever the bacteria tells it to, which is whatever you have been eating recently! In the bodybuilding world everyone does cheat meals, but some have evolved and realized that cheat meals are the sole reason we crave it the first place. Upon elimination, the cravings dissipate as well. My vote, keep eating those oatmeal pies! They are delicious!!! Do what makes you happy, the rest will fall into place.

  2. Yum! Oatmeal pies. Lately, that’s what I wish my morning oatmeal would taste like… I’m doing sugar free right now… and I wish I could say I’m past the stage of craving some sugar… but I’m not!

  3. I posted about habits today, too! How funny! It is true that we tend to crave what we eat. Who craves a vegetable or fruit they’ve never tasted?

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