Movie Experience


Recently, my husband and I decided to take our winnings from his work Christmas party and buy a soundbar and subwoofer for our TV. However, our excitement quickly turned to disappointment as we discovered that purchased sound system would not hook up to our TV.  Okay, no problem. After a short discussion, we came to a consensus that a new TV was in order. Not only did we buy a bigger, better TV, we also came home with a smart Blu-Ray player. Now we are set, and with our new popcorn popper, we can basically have the movie experience right here in our home.

Only one ingredient remains missing. What movie would make this the best experience ever? Well, according to my husband, it would be a baseball game. Obviously, that’s not a movie, but that doesn’t matter.

My picks would be the following:

  1. “The Thin Man” series – Okay, there are no explosions or light saber noises, but they are great movies. Myrna Loy and William Powell play detectives who solve murders in these movies from the 1930s. Our soundbar makes the pithy dialogue even clearer. Each installment is entertaining and chic and great fun!
  2. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – You can’t go wrong with Audrey Hepburn and the sound of the rain on the subwoofer in the last scene only makes it that much better!
  3. “Wait Until Dark” – Another great Hepburn movie, only this one is a thriller. The creepy kid piano music sounds even more ominous on our new sound system.
  4. “The Getaway” – You can’t go wrong with Steve McQueen either. The movie about one last bank heist pulls you in. You can’t help but cheer for the outlaws as they shoot and drive their way to Mexico. The gunshots and tire squealing sound great!!
  5. “The Light Between the Oceans” – This movie was as lovely as the novel. The film was so beautifully made and it looked even more so on our super large screen. The sound of the ocean echoed through our livingroom. It’s an impactful film.

All this writing has kindled the need for a good movie. I’m on my way to grab my fuzzy socks, melt some butter for the popcorn, and grab my husband to enjoy our theater experience.


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  1. This reminds of ‘When you give a Mouse a Cookie.’ It ‘s a great slice – and I love the line-up of movies and why they would work. Great slice – thank you for sharing – enjoy your couple/movie time!

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