The Noisy Silence


Today I decided to comment on a few blogs before writing my own post, thinking I might find some inspiration. On the TWT website, I saw the following quote:

As a writer, you try to listen to what others aren’t saying…and write about the silence. N.Y. Hart

Each Saturday, my husband and I meet my mom and dad and aunt and uncle for breakfast. Nothing fancy. We meet at Hardee’s for the best biscuits in town. As I looked at the inspirational poster on the TWT website, I thought about what we didn’t say as we sat around the table.

My aunt often brings me sacks of things on Saturdays. When I dig in, I might find an article about an author I like or about Paris from the Wall Street Journal. Sometimes there are items I can use while crafting. Usually a few magazines that include home makeovers or recipes stretch out the sack on the bottom. In the silence as I looked through the bag this morning, I could hear her say how she thinks about me and that she wants to be a part of my life.

When my mom tells me that roasts are on sale at the local grocery store, I hear her approval that I cook dinner for my family and her desire to help me be frugal is loud and clear.

My retired uncle, who is quite the character, makes us all laugh when he responds to our conversation about men and women. I hear that he loves being a part of our time together and looks forward to it each week.

And when my dad looks at me as I relate an experience at work that turned out to be a success, I can hear him saying how proud he is of me.

There was much in the silence at breakfast today, and I heard it all.


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  1. I love the quote AND your interpretation for your family. My best posts are always the ones I write from the heart about the small and real moments of life….like this one. I even have a picture of your mom, dad, aunt and uncle in my mind. I am certain I could identify them in Hardees!

  2. What a beautiful Saturday ritual – you are so fortunate to have so many family members so close. I was stuck today as well,until finally a breakthrough. Great use of the daily quote. Favorite line was your ending, “There was much in the silence at breakfast today, and I heard it all.”

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