Paper Treasures


I keep a journal…a paper one. It holds my writing and my memories. Inside you might find sweet cards from my husband, ticket stubs from a date night, or photos of my creations. Some pages are full of lists; things I love or things I wish to explore. It’s where I work out my frustrations and record my best moments.

This particular journal was purchased at World Market, one of my favorite places to shop. Inside are quotes to inspire and the funky design caught my eye.

IMG_1748.JPGWhile many of my colleagues and friends prefer digital watches, calendars, or notes, my greatest pleasure is using a new pen on paper. The bent pages, crossed-out words, doodling, and paper-clipped treasures bring me comfort.  

This journal is my secret place to record the happenings of my quiet life. When I have a few moments, I might go to the shelf that holds my past journals, each very different, and I flip through the pages. Remembering.



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  1. I am a paper keeper too. I have journals from high school and college where I would insert clippings and pictures. I need to start that back up again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree! I couldn’t live without my paper journal. At this point in my life, I have about twenty-five of them completely filled. I feel like it’s a way to “permanitize” (is that a word?) my life and told my daughter, she will be the curator of my journals when I die. Journaling helps me so much and more often than not, I’m surprised at what actually comes out. I’ve had lots of different journaling books, but my favorite is still a simple Mead copybook. Keep going with this!

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