Hair Appointment


Today I went to the hairstylist. That adds up to at least two hours of my life and quite a bit of my money that I’ll never see again. However, that silver streak running down my part and hitting me in the eye each morning when I look in the mirror was getting on my nerves. Not only do I cover my gray, I highlight to give my hair color “depth”. It’s exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy visiting with my hair stylist and catching up. She really is a hair guru; unafraid when I bring her a picture, expecting a miracle. And she usually delivers.  

I’ve discovered that there is enough time while my hair is processing to get my nails done. With gel polish. What an amazing invention! I can actually keep polish on my nails for three weeks. It’s a great excuse to get my husband to wash the dishes…wouldn’t want to ruin my nails.

Today, at the end of my appointment, my hairdresser was straightening my hair. A wad of hair fell on my lap. “Is this normal?” I asked, feeling panic beginning to rise in my chest. “Yes”, she calmly replied, “I thinned your hair and just haven’t combed it out yet.” Relief!

I have to say, as she poofed my hair with a final layer of hairspray, she did it again. I felt like a million bucks. I guess that means that whatever my total was today, it was a bargain!


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