Real Beauty


This weekend our family saw the new rendition of “Beauty and the Beast”. Of course we enjoyed the show, including the singing, the animation, and the live action vs. the cartoon. Riding the trolley back to our hotel after the movie, we all talked about what we enjoyed. Our daughter summed it up best, “I liked that the lesson in the movie is that beauty is from the inside, not the outside.” Sometimes when we watch this age-old French story, we forget about the message. In life, we forget about the message, too. We spend so much time coloring the gray out of our hair, buying the most slimming outfits, worrying about lines on our faces, and putting in countless hours at the gym. What do you suppose would happen if we all spent as many hours working on our insides? What if we practiced being kind in front of  the mirror so much, that kindness just came out of our mouths, even when we were agitated? What if we let go of as much money on being thoughtful as we did on those new shoes? What if we flexed those smile muscles so that anyone would feel welcomed, no matter where they were? What if we loved everyone, even the unlovely, the gruff, or those who seemed to have no redeeming qualities at all?


Leave it to our children to just tell it like it is. It really IS simple, isn’t it?


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  1. I just saw that movie and was going to write my post about it too. I completely agree with your thoughts. My thought as an adult watching the movie was why does he have to turn back? I loved her comment at the end about if he would consider growing a beard.

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