Little Girl


She is slight and blond. All smiles and heart-shaped sunglasses. Popping into my living room at 6:30 am, she never stops. We visit about this and that and I smile each time she utters a word that ends in “r”, as she pronounces it “r-ee”. “I am four-ee!”, she proudly announces.She loves the story I read to her about Big Al, and she patiently glues on fish scales as we create this sweet fish from a paper plate. The tent we created from a sheet and chairs is full of pillows, my battery-operated candles, coloring book and crayons, and her tea set. Her little hands help spread the jelly on our pb&j sandwiches we make for our picnic. Her humor surprises me. My husband brings home pictures of the hail that pelted the parking lot of his business. Her reply is, “Henny Penny said, ‘The sky is falling, the sky is falling!’” The two of us color, and pretend to drink tea, and play with my knickknacks. Nap time arrives, and I chuckle as I listen to her whistle each time she breathes out, as she quietly snores her way through her nap. My heart melts when she gives me a spontaneous hug and plans for her next visit. It amazes me what she knows already. And as she proudly washes her hands all by herself, I know it won’t be long until she’s all grown up, and we will miss the tiny little piece of sunshine that we are blessed to spend our time with.


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  1. I loved reading your recounting of the day with your “tiny little piece of sunshine.” You are blessed! But so is she.

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