Photo Box


I think it is required that on spring break, spring cleaning occurs. In keeping with that tradition, I’m trying to organize my office/craft room. Not an easy task! Today, I put photos in photo boxes. I have four of them, each labeled to help with organization. In one of these boxes, I have placed my school photos. I’ve been an educator for 29 years, so there were lots of pictures to rifle through. There were small wallet-sized school pictures of former students that had their names on the back, and sometimes an “I love you, Miss Morris!” Photos of old bulletin boards, student work, school programs, and Halloween parties were all piled inside this box. I so enjoyed remembering as I sorted through them.

There was the time my partner fourth grade teacher and I dressed in pioneer dresses and treated our students to a day of living like a pioneer for our unit on Missouri history. Thrown in the box were several photos of student teachers that had worked with my class. Oh, and several first days of school pictures, where students were eating an ocean treat with blue jello, graham cracker sand, and whipped cream waves.

And then there are the photos of students. Some individuals, some in groups, on the playground, working at their tables, or saying their lines in school programs. One made me chuckle. A little third grade boy, Logan, with glasses and the cutest smile…he now works at my school as a special education teacher. Their sweet smiles and funny poses took me back to the happiest years of my career. Although this chore took longer than most of my spring cleaning, it certainly has been the most fun!


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