My Inspiration


I’m sitting in front of my computer screen trying to think about what part of my very quiet Saturday is worthy of noting on my blog when I hear a small snort. Peering around my computer, I see my very cute, but sometimes annoying dog, Sophie, staring at me. Her gaze doesn’t let go of mine. I quickly turn back to my screen and act like I haven’t noticed. Again, a short, but slightly louder snort escapes, accompanied by a few wiggles and paw stomping. I know what she wants. What she always wants. I resume staring at the key pad, but this time, a real bark escapes. I turn to her and patiently tell her to wait. I NEED to get my post started. I try to get back to business. I can see her out of the corner of my eye still staring. Patience she does not understand. Especially when it comes to what she wants. Another bark. This time I reprimand her and she jumps on the couch beside me. Sitting there. Looking at me. I begin typing, as she has given me inspiration. One minute later, she is standing up and puts a paw on my computer. I quietly lift it up and she walks across my lap to settle down in between my husband and I. To wait patiently. Well, now I must get her a treat. Her favorite…a raw carrot. Especially since I lamented that she knows nothing about patience, and here she is, lying on the sofa waiting quietly for her turn. She knows that when I’m finished typing, she may begin to snort again. And I will go to the kitchen and fetch her a baby carrot. And she will be happy.


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  1. I swear, dogs rule our lives. Mine tells me when it is time for a walk, dinner and bedtime. She’s a demanding girl, but she has my heart.

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