The Ballet


Today, four friends attended Swan Lake at the ballet. It’s classic ballet, visually beautiful and technically difficult to perform. It did not disappoint. For two and a half hours, we were mesmerized. The sets were stunning and each dance performance was amazing. All four of us work at our middle school in various roles, but our love for the arts is something we have in common.

This afternoon out was a reward for the four of us working with our middle school’s choir club. Beginning in September, our music teacher hosts a voluntary choir club. When students sign on, they attend practice at 7am two days a week. The practices prepare them for their performances at several local venues right before Christmas break. We usually have around 90 students show up for early practices, which is in large part because of the hard work of our music teacher. Two other teachers and I help with the practices and the Christmas performances.

It was a lovely day. Dinner and dessert rounded it out before our trip back home. Already, we are planning our next musical adventure…perhaps “Phantom of the Opera”!




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  1. Bravo! Swan Lake is stunning. I took my daughter and niece last year to see it. When I was a kid, my aunt took me to see The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. At the end of the ballet, we were treated to a special moment… Mikhail Baryshnikov and the prima ballerina graced us with a gorgeous surprise performance. I will never forget that moment. You never know how you are inspiring the adolescents you work with.

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