Fuzzy Socks


I adore fuzzy socks. What an amazing invention. Fuzzy like shag carpet that feels wonderful on the bottom of my bare feet, they are an important part of my wardrobe. The variety of colors is limitless…there are stripes, polka dots and bold hues. This is one pair of socks that do not have to match what I am wearing. The more they clash, the better. These foot coverings go best with sweats, but they go just as well with rolled up jeans, shorts, or PJs. Fuzzy socks know no seasons. They can be worn spring, summer, fall, or winter, day or night. No one knows why, but they perfectly complete a day of staying in pajamas or a rainy day or an I’m-not-showering day or a staycation spent entirely on the couch.

I’m not sure when I first stumbled across them, but it was probably at Christmastime, because everyone knows they are the best stocking stuffer EVER.  Since one cannot have too many pairs of these smiles for your feet, they make a great gift. Larger than normal socks, they don’t get lost in the dryer, so I never have to know the panic of running out. I don’t own stock in fuzzy socks, but maybe I should. The only thing that would be better than wearing fuzzy socks, would be getting paid for wearing them.


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  1. This Christmas was my first encounter with fuzzy socks. I love the feel of them. The only drawback is they take a lot of room in my sock drawer, but it is worth it.

  2. I love how you took a small topic and explored it in so many detailed ways expanding it into a big idea. I enjoyed your post and I love fuzzy socks as well.

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