At This Moment


I saw this idea for a slice on the blog Read. Reflect. Teach.

At This Moment:

Thinking About:  This week, a beloved member of our school staff passed away. It was unexpected and very sad. I’m thinking about how short life is and how important it is to live life. Lately, I haven’t been keeping my habit of getting up early to spend time with God. I started back up this morning. And I spent some time this afternoon visiting with my parents. I don’t want to regret not doing that when I could.

Thankful For:  I’m so thankful for my husband. His calm, reassuring manner is a perfect complement to my natural tendency to worry and panic.

Wishing For:  Warm weather!

Planning For:  My retirement in 7 ½ short weeks is on my mind, and I’m excited for what will fill my time. I have lots of ideas, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all comes out.

Reading:  I’m in the middle of Savoir Vivre:  The Art of Fine Living by Laduree, Paris. Basically, this book is how to live like a Parisian. It’s full of cute illustrations and advice on evening wear, entertaining, and decorating. Because of my readings, I open my bedroom window each day for at least 10 minutes to create a fresh place to relax. And I created a playlist of music to start my day based on this book’s recommendations. Just because I don’t live in Paris, doesn’t mean that I can’t live like I do! I just ordered Small Victories:  Recipes, Advice & Hundreds of Ideas for Home Cooking by Julia Turshen. This book was suggested in a blog that I follow, and I’m excited to learn the basics of cooking. While I love being in the kitchen, I just really follow recipes. I’m hoping to learn why different ingredients are used in recipes, so that I can be a little more creative.

Watching:  This moment I am watching “Law and Order”, my favorite show of all times…and the reruns never get old. My husband and I enjoy “24:  Legacy”, as I’m a fan of the original. It’s fast-paced and very exciting. And, since it is Tuesday, I’ll be tuning in to “Fixer Upper” and “Hometown” a little later tonight.

Listening To:  Right now, I’m in love with streaming French music on Spotify.

Mood:  My mood is “springy”. I’m ready to plant some pansies, spread some mulch, and open my windows.


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