Lunch Disappointment


Has anyone ever been to the deli section of the grocery store and you spot something different? Unique?  A carton of some salad or dip that looks specially made. Through the condensation and the plastic, whatever is inside looks fresh…sort of. Maybe it will create a little break from the usual leftovers that you cart in your lunch bag each day. The title, which I’m sure was created by a former catalog description writer, sounds fabulous. You know, something like Thai Peanut Salad: Tasty noodles cooked in a delicious peanut sauce with garden fresh red and green peppers and actual peanut chunks.

After a scrawny breakfast, you’re starving by the time lunch rolls around. And you know that you have something uniquely tasty to have for lunch. You grab your spork, open the container, smell the savory peanut sauce and dig in.

And it really wasn’t what you expected. So much so that you might just eat the pretzel chips left in your bag from yesterday, doomed to listen to your stomach growl for the rest of the afternoon.

Maybe dinner will be better??


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  1. Oh dear…that’s a bummer. Our school district just started offering salads to staff, and during this first week I’m not sure everyone who ordered was so happy with what came. Everyone is a little suspicious now and not quite sure to entrust their lunch to the unknown! Hopefully you by now have had a better bite to eat!

  2. That is the worst! I’ve definitely been there before. I always keep a box of protein bars, just in case. Hopefully someone else in your building keeps treats or goodies.

  3. Just today a co-worker was commenting that our cafeteria’s vendors apparently change often based on the way the same entree can taste differently from one time to another. You roll the dice, you takes your chances–here’s to a tasty dinner!

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