Busy Day


Tomorrow will be a busy day! I will meet another teacher at 6:45 in the morning. We are heading an hour away to attend a workshop on the latest in YA literature. One of my favorites! However, it’s never good for my pocketbook…I’ll want to buy lots of books! Once I get home, my husband and I will meet a fence guy at our house to get an estimate for an installation of a fence for our backyard. We currently have a chain link fence that has seen better days. In the three years we have lived here, we have completely redone the inside of the house, so it’s time to focus on the outside. Also not good for the pocketbook! After that, we are both heading to our middle school for its annual fundraiser. I am monitoring the hall and restroom from 6-7, then heading to the gym where my husband will be helping to ref the basketball game between our teachers and our local police force. Dinner may have to wait until after 8pm. Hopefully, our Saturday will be much slower!


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